Fiesta Gloria
Fiesta GloriaFiesta GloriaFiesta GloriaFiesta GloriaFiesta GloriaFiesta Gloria

A beacon of happiness, this tablescape is set to light up any room. Our hand-painted bone china plates and handmade hexagon placemats provide a kaleidoscope of colour, guaranteed to get your guests on their feet and singing for more!

£25 per person.  See below for a list and gallery of what's included in this look.

Let's get started!

Step 1. When’s the big day? Please state your event date below. 

N.B. Delivery usually takes place the day before, scheduled in advance.

Step 2. How many guests will attend? We can provide a tablescape for 6 up to 30 guests*


*We offer placings for up to 30 guests per collection. 

For larger events please get in touch: 

What's included?

The following list details what you will receive with your order, per guest:

Hand-painted bone china main plate 10" in red 

Hand-painted bone china dessert plate 8" in teal 

Hand-painted bone china side plate 6" in burgundyMain knife and fork in burgundy 

Dessert spoon and fork in sherbet green

Water glass (alternating sherbet green & amethyst)Wine glass (305 ml) 

Tented place card 

Hemstitched oatmeal cotton napkin 

Handmade hexagon placemat 

Additional items available to rent: 

Hand-painted bone china starter plate 8" in teal 

Hand-painted bone china bowl plate 8" in lime green

Starter knife and fork in sherbet green 

Soup spoon in burgundy

Table décor (for sharing!):

Hand block printed tablecloth (180cm x 270cm)

Ornamental brass globe lantern 

Handblown glass jug 

Jug coaster

We want your table to have that wow-factor, so for every four people you will receive two lanterns, one jug and one coaster. 

You are guaranteed to receive one tablecloth with your order. Additional tablecloths can be included upon request, subject to availability.

N.B. Flowers and candles are not included. 

Please note, wax candles are not to be used on LAY tableware or in LAY lanterns. Alternative LED candles can be found in Useful Extras

Missing something? Head over to Useful Extras for servingware, champagne glasses and more….