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Tutti Frutti Pearl Cutlery Set (24 Pieces)

Tutti Frutti Pearl Cutlery Set (24 Pieces)


Stylish Italian-made cutlery set with pearlescent handles in two colours, for a bright mix-and-match look on the table. A smart burgundy pairs with a vibrant acid lime green.


The '24 piece' cutlery set includes in addition:

4 x Starter Forks in acid green

4 x Starter Knives in acid green

4 x Main Knives in burgundy red

4 x Main Forks in burgundy red

4 x Pudding Forks in acid green

4 x Pudding Spoons in acid green


The '28 piece' cutlery includes in addition:

4 x Main Spoons in burgundy


This attractive design features pearlescent shades, with pretty stainless steel detailing at the join. Perfect for a lively lunch with friends or for adding character to a more sophisticated table in the evening. Made in Italy.


Dishwasher friendly.

Set of 24Set of 28 (includes main spoon)