Secret Garden
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This rich forest green tablecloth is perfectly paired to our decorated fine bone china, born from our love of the quatrefoil. Beautiful grass placemats, handwoven by ladies in Swaziland, compliment our pearlescent green and cream cutlery. Guests will be left eager to tuck-in. 

£28 per person. See below for a list and gallery of what's included in this look.

Let's get started!

Step 1. How many guests will attend? We can provide a tablescape for 2 up to 30 people.

Step 5. Pick your tablecloth size:

Step 6. No. of dining tables *


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What's included?

The following list details what you will receive with your order, per guest:

Bone china main plate 10" 

Bone china dessert plate 8"

Bone china side plate 6"  

Main knife and fork in pearly white 

Dessert spoon and fork in apple green 

Handblown water glass

Handblown wine glass (310 ml) 

Tented place card 

Hemstitched cotton napkin 

Handmade woven placemat  

Additional items available to rent:
Bone china starter plate 8" 
Bone china bowl plate 8" 
Starter knife and fork in apple green 
Soup spoon in pearly white 

Table décor (for sharing!):

Forest green tablecloth (round or rectangular)

Potted bobble tree (artificial)

Cream garden lantern

DÉCOR: We want your table to have that wow-factor, so for every four people you will receive two lanterns and one bobble tree. Flowers and candles are not included. N.B. wax candles are not to be used on LAY tableware or in LAY lanterns. Alternative LED candles can be added to your order at the next step.


TABLECLOTH: You are guaranteed to receive one tablecloth with your order. Additional tablecloths can be included upon request, subject to availability.