Through the Keyhole with

Jamie Coreth

He has quickly risen to success and is now known as one of the leading portrait artists of today. Jamie Corethanswers our starter for ten and lets us hear about a few of his favourite things...

In a nutshell: Jamie has won a multitude of awards for portraits he has painted. Notable sitters include General Sir Nick Carter, actress Alice Eve, Derren Brown and The Dean of Canterbury. Jamie predominantly paints from his studio in Chelsea, London. 

Portrait photograph of Jamie Coreth painting in his stufio
Jamie Coreth's portrait painting of actress Alice Eve

LAY LOVES: Jamie's recent portrait of Alice Eve (see image)

Here's our 'Starter for 10' with Jamie...

1. The last thing that you read that motivated you? 

 “How to be an Artist” by Jerry Saltz (as an artist, I thought this would be good to know!) 

 2. Piece of art you could stare at all day? 

 Monet’s waterscapes in the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris 

3. Restaurant or cafe you'll be heading to when their doors re-open?

Petersham Nurseries

4. Fellow artist you admire? 

Nicolás Uribe, I love his intuitive sense of draftsmanship and he’s so prolific, he always gives me energy to work harder!   

5. Top 3 Instagram accounts to follow? 

 @emilygarthwaite @mooncrab.jpg @accidentallywesanderson  

6. Best art shop in London? 

L. Cornelissen, it’s like a museum to art practice where you can buy the displays

7. Signature dish when cooking for friends? 

 I adore cooking, so anything seasonal… but I particularly love seafood  

L. Cornelissen art shop and Monet painting - Jamie Coreth's favourite
English Garden tablescape - Jamie's  pick

8. Shout-out to a positive movement or charity doing good things at the moment? 

Grassmarket community project 

 9. Favourite Lay Look? 

I adore the 'English Garden' look!! 

10. What does your table look like right now? 

Laying a table at home, I always love having some of my father’s sculptures as centrepieces and glasses painted by my aunt…