Lockdown Love: 

Valentine's Day with LAY London

💕 Valentine's Day tables, fit for cupid's arrow... 💕

We wanted to add some extra magic for locked-down lovers and friends this Valentine's, so we created some cheeky and romantic tables for the ultimate date-night.

Whether it be celebrating Gal-entine's Day with housemates, or adding some surprise romance for dinner with a special someone... these tables should help set the mood!

Pictured: bespoke LAY London Valentine's tablescapes.

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Each placing has a bespoke embroidered napkin, and a generous sprinkling of love heart sweets, with glass jars of marshmallows as sugary centrepieces.

We had lots of fun picking cheeky slogans for these beautiful linen napkins and velvet ribbons by the Embroidered Napkin Co. 

Our napkins notes include: 

Swipe Right

Lockdown Lovers

Netflix n' Chill

Be my Valentine

We were tempted to be even cheekier with these... but are always open to client suggestions! 😉