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We speak with Luca Brantly founder of swimwear company, LUCA NUA  to hear about who she looks up to and what's keeping her positive during lockdown. 

In a nutshell: Originating on the beaches of her hometown, Rio, Luca’s obsession with swimwear was born. The focus of LUCA NUA is to make women feel amazing in their swimwear, through Luca’s carefully thought out designs and joyful prints.

Luca Nua brazilian bikinis - for LAY London

Here's our 'Starter for 10' with Luca...

1. Best way to start your day? 

Cold shower if I can bear it - even just a mad second of wiggling around saying brrrrr! 

2. The last thing that you heard or read that motivated you? 

Our main seamstress for Luca Nua, Conceição, always says with a wink and a smile "sempre tem jeito" meaning there is always, always a way. 

 3. Today's WFH look? 

Bikini lunchbreaks on the balcony when it's sunny, otherwise my new fancy gymwear - lol! 

4. Fellow founder you admire? 

My brother Harry is one of the founders of Frescobol Carioca (creators of the unique wooden beach bats). Their photography has always been out of this world and the locations are places I love the most in Brazil. I still have some of their first imagery framed in my flat.

5. Top 3 Instagram accounts to follow? 

@anthonyhopkins (the posts with him performing to his cat – social media heaven), @eponinelondon (glamorous, original and funny), @charliemackesy 

6. Favourite place in the world? 

Post 12, Leblon beach in Rio - The fuller the better. 

Frescobol Carioca pic for LAY London blog
LAY London rentable partyware, Fiesta Tropicana style

8. Shout-out to a positive movement or charity doing good things at the moment?

Chilly Dippers. They are a health initiative focused on the benefits of cold water swimming/skinny dipping - A fun, playful and refreshing (!) movement for anyone and everyone! and more recently Run for Heroes 5k challenge is really getting everyone moving. 

9. First thing you'll do when you're out of isolation? 

Squeeze my niece Lua, she is the funniest little cherub in the world who just loves to have a laugh and prance around in my old carnival dresses! 

10. Favourite Lay Look? 

Fiesta Tropicana. Red definitely sets the scene for a spicy dinner party!